Self-produced artist Miyuki.

​I would like to unravel your mind with  my melody and world view that feels nostalgic somewhere.


From:Tokyo, Jpn




Graduated Keio SFC University faculty of Arts in Policy Management.

As a student I began to compose music by DTM(Desk Top Music) while majored in management, human resources, consulting, philosophy etc.

From childhood to adolescence, tears emerged with tension emotions, and from my own experience, live performance started in Tokyo expressing the deep emotions of the heart which is not words as music.

I have performed at the event of "Ijichi's Living Door" since 2011.

A keyboard performance has been added to my performance since 2016.


  • Shibuya egg man / BOXX / wasted time /  SONG LINES

  • Ebisu LIVE GATE / tenmado.switch

  • Daikanyama NOMAD

  • Shimokitazawa BREATH/Otokura

  • Akasaka B flat / Live Art / TENJIKU / Cantina / Akasaka-Hashi-no-shita / move / L@N

  • Shinjuku Mahiru-no-tsuki-Yoru-no-Taiyo / PAPERA/Nishi-Shinjuku MELODIA Tokyo

  • Koenji AG22

  • Ikebukuro Big Bang Box

  • Osaka Home/Foot & Rock Beers  etc.


  • Image girl of Sanctuary golf school

  • Image girl of Hinoya curry Akihabara

  • Magazine 「Regina」(Ladies Golf Fashion)

  • Magazine「Tokyo Walker」

  • Facial massager「Estenard Sonic」

  • E-Cigarette 「Frienber」 

  • Room wear 「LUCE miraco」

  • Sales movie Major beverage manufacturers

  • Sales movie Major hair care products

  • Stock Photo Model of PIXTA

  • Photo Session E-MODELS

  • ​Photo Sale E-MODELS

  (Fashion Show)


  • Jazz Ballet

  • Hip Hop Dance

  • ​Rock Dance

  • Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics

  • People Dance(Arauma in Aomori Prefecture/Nanazu-mai & Mikagura in Iwate ​Prefecture/Acer in ​Okinawa Prefecture)

Special Skill:

  • Speaking English

  • Touch Typing

  • Concentration


  • ​Reading a book

  • Beauty activity

  • Driving car

  • Go to my favorite cafe

  • Kick boxing

  • Futsal

  • Yoga

  • Golf

Car :

The first song composed is the song "drive tune" starting with the engine sound.

  • FD3S(2007〜2013)

  • skyline R34 GT-R(2013〜)